Double Chin Treatment

CryoChin is an FDA-approved, zero-downtime procedure that can be used to destroy stubborn fat while sculpting and toning your skin. You can finally achieve the jawline you have been dreaming about—without surgery or injectables—with Cryoskin Jaw & Chin Sculpting treatment. Learn how this non-invasive solution to under chin fat slims and tightens your neck and jawline for dramatic effects sans surgery.


CryoSlimming is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure for stubborn fat—areas where fat deposits do not respond to exercise and diet. During your CryoSlimming treatment, subcutaneous fat cells are heated quickly and then exposed to sub-zero temperatures, causing them to die without harming the skin cells next to them.

This natural fat freezing process is often called “cryo fat freezing” or simply “fat freezing.”

Here is how it works: as your skin cools down, ice crystals form in between fat cells under your skin. The same way water shrinks as it becomes ice, so do your body’s fat cells shrink as they are cooled. The application of cold temperatures injures the fat cells, causing them to shrink instantly and then die over the next few weeks.

The dead fat cells are then carried away by your lymphatic system, whose job is to flush waste products out of your body. In other words, the excess fat deposits under the skin are eliminated by the body’s natural processes, and you are left with the slim, gorgeous neck you have been coveting.


As we age, our body’s ability to get rid of subcutaneous fat decreases, and so do our levels of collagen and elastin—two essential elements for youthful skin. And due to factors like oxidative stress and sun exposure, the skin around your neck loses its elasticity, which causes sagging. This leads to the appearance of a double chin which no amount of diet and exercise can address.

CryoChin for double chin helps address these issues in a painless, non-invasive way. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get rid of chin fat without undergoing surgery or spending way too long wearing a turtleneck—one of the serious downsides of Kybella.

Within a few weeks, your jawline will look more defined, and your neck will appear slimmer and tighter. Plus, the boost in collagen production helps skin look smoother and more youthful.

But the CryoChin benefits do not stop there. The cold temperature widens blood vessels in the treatment area, improving the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients like antioxidants to the skin. Oxygen-rich blood enables your body to produce the collagen proteins that keep your skin firm and elastic while reducing the effects of oxidative stress, which plays an essential role in the aging process.

Beyond the benefits to your appearance, this procedure has incredible potential for overall health. Cryoskin is a type of CryoChin—a holistic treatment that has helped reduce chronic pain, migraines, treat low-risk tumors, and improve certain inflammatory skin conditions by increasing antioxidant levels.

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